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Evaluation is a fundamental part of learning a new language. It is a way for teachers to get feedback on the students' progress and adjust their lessons if necessary. From a student standpoint, it is very important for them in order to check their progress. Moreover, parents of younger learners use grade to judge their offerings progress and may provide more support if grades are too low (e.g extra classes). Evaluation can be tricky because the teacher must be sure it is fair and reflect everybody's level without discouraging students who may get low grades.This unit allowed me to revisit the use of paraphrasing sentences in the form of conditional and converting between direct and reported speeches. I feel that this is important for a new learner to grasp, as it would allow the new learner to be creative in the language, and be able to come up with different ways to make one's conversations or thoughts unique in each manner. This would allow the new learner to maintain or increase their motivation in learning the new language, which I feel it is a key component in the world of psychology and language learning.