TESOL Jobs Santiago De Los Caballeros Dominican Republic

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This unit provides a great overview of various tools and resources we may end up using in the classroom. The lists of resources, especially the websites at the end are specifically helpful to modern teachers. I knew this sort of material was available, but had never seen such a comprehensive list of it all in one place before. This will be a an extraordinarily valuable tool in my teaching arsenal moving forward. It is also good to see an overview of uses for some more traditional tools that one may not have thought of previously.This unit introduced an important element of learning English or a new language - the receptive skills. There are many good examples for us to conduct a successful lesson. It is appreciated that the teaching approach of ESA stage which can help me to have a clear concept on how to teach and how to apply the skills with an interesting way to evoke the students interest. The example of reading/listening about the life of Elvis Presley is good for me to understand how can ESA stages be applied to conduct an effective way to teach.