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One of the parts of this unit that stands out the most is the receptive words.Words the learner knows but doesn't use or perhaps how to use.This is an area I see in my second language Spanish. I know many words and can understand better than I can communicate.So I have an awareness to this particular issue that happens very easily when building vocabulary. The importance of choosing appropriate vocabulary to the learning task. It is also why I like Jeremy Harmer's well rounded approach to teaching language.This unit is all about the importance of writing and speaking and the reasons why we do it such as need or desire. This unit also gives an example of how to teach each one and what is important while teaching them. It also has a look at the importance of games and how to take normal games and adjust it to teach/review English. I have only used crosswords and hangman from the list given and the rest of the games I have used are games I have made up due to the fact most of my children I taught are very young.