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When teaching new language to students, there are several factors that we need to take into consideration: vocabulary, grammatical structures and language functions. And also, we need to think about what kind of teaching skills we need to use in different stages of an \"ESA\" lesson. For instance, we can use realla, pictures, mime and actions to teach new vocabulary in Engage phase. we can use gap-fill exercises, word search, crosswords to teach new vocabulary in study phase. Role-play, story building and debate can be used to teach new vocabulary in activate phase.This unit has taken me the longest time to study of all the units so far. The grammar needed for modal auxiliary is a complex integration of various grammatical rules, so it needs plenty of time for understanding and possibly is not so good for study with beginners. When you have a sound understanding of the tenses and a good vocabulary then it would attempt to teach this area. Active - passive voice also, as a concept it may be too difficult for beginners to grasp and would be best included in a less specific manner until students grammar is well enough memorized..