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This unit is centered around all possible scenarios teachers might face. Such scenarios might be dealing with new groups of students for the first time or dealing with existing group of students that are familiar with each other or with the EFL teaching pamphlet. In the unit there are listed several tricks teachers might want to use in all types of situations, such as the warmers ideas which help establish good rapport within the class and make the students be more interested to the lesson.I appreciated the sentence at the end of the lesson, \"Don't be afraid of phrasal verbs!\" As I was starting to get afraid of them, I'm still a bit confused with them. I appreciate the idea of using them as vocabulary and dropping them into practice or conversation. I really see the importance of using modal verbs in the right way and plan to study them better. This lesson reminds me of the videos we had to watch on lesson 10. Now I can understand the significance of the videos even better.