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I enjoyed this unit because it forced me to make use of the insightful videos illustrating just how much of a difference a teacher's attitude can make in any given lesson. Essentially we were made to watch two videos of the same lesson point (modal verbs, can and can't, increasing vocabulary). In the first video the teacher was aggressive at times and not engaging with the students enough. While in the second, the teacher was motivated, seemed happier, got the students speaking more English; clearly the second video had a more positive learning environment depicted.Unit 17 had a lot of equipment and teaching aid explanations which came alongside examples. There were a lot of small points that were made that might sound obvious but that I did not know such as: writing in CAPITALISED TEXT is much harder for students to read, the uses of the IWB's, the advantages/disadvantages of OHP's etc. The teaching aids given at the end were also quite interesting to look at and I'm sure I will be using them in the future from the last few pages in Unit 17. I also had no idea what CALL stood for, yet another acronym I learned on this course.