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This unit goes over how to teach reading and listening in an ESL environment. I learned that there is a balancing act in terms of how much vocabulary you should review with students before they encounter the material. If you expose them to all the difficult words, then it takes away a chance for them to infer meaning through context clues as to the meaning of some unfamiliar words. I also learned that a teacher must refrain from using material interesting to him or her, instead choosing topics that the students would enjoy.Classroom management is a very interesting and dynamic topic. Reading through the suggestions in this section, I have to reflect on my own management methods. Much of what is mentioned in this section is second nature to me. However, there are many points that were clarified, or were entirely new. The features of the horse shoe or circle arrangement was something that I have never tried. Student talk time verses teacher talk time is something I am aware of in class; yet, to see the reasoning behind it clarified was helpful.