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In this unit provides we switched from theoretical materials and observed a real life English language classroom. There were two contrasting lessons that highlighted differences between effective and ineffective teaching, video one showed ineffective teaching and the second one was more effective It was interested and worthwhile to witness how a teachers attitude can have an impact on a group of learners. Particularly with use of body language, building rapport and drilling. This unit has been the most helpful in terms of any anxiety I would feel about teachingI learned that good teachers are patient, speak to their students using respectful language, make ample use of body gestures, and visual aids, and allow for an equal use of individual, group, and teacher-led activities. Students' negative behaviors can be minimized when the teacher attempts to build a positive relationship with students, and does not internalize negative behaviors from students. It takes time for a teacher to build repoire with students, but must be done so that more learning can occur, and so that students can have a better learning experience.