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The unit took a closer look at modal auxiliary verbs and it's usage, the passive and active voice and it's usage, and relative clauses. I learned that I need to dive deeper into the subject of relative clauses. I never had this subject before, and the unit caused some confusion. I want to teach smaller kids, so it's less likely that I will have to cover this subject during one of my classes, but I think I should be able to understand and explain the entire grammatical system.Watching a demo is always helpful for teachers to know better about not only him/herself but also other teachers while teaching a real class. Here is the answer to the question that how things will be in the real situation. In this session, two typical classes were presented. The second one is more efficient and effective than the first one in many ways.Watching a demo is like looking at myself in the mirror, which can help me figure out my mistakes and find better solutions.