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I found the first video hard to watch as I saw a plethora of things that the teacher was doing wrong, he destroyed their confidence by repeating \"oh this is easy, anyone can do this\". He didn't bother to learn their names or anything. The second lesson was much better. first of all his attitude was much better, he introduced himself and learnt their names to build rapport, then broke the lesson down in to concepts that they could understand. Seeing these in practice makes it much easier to see how to put new tools into action.This unit was very helpful in expanding my knowledge of teaching resources. Throughout my education I have been exposed to many different teaching resources, however I was, and still am, unsure as to how available these resources would be to me as a teacher. This unit has helped me understand and recognize that I have more options than I realized I had for displaying information for my students. This unit also helped me to understand how to use these resources in a more exciting and engaging way to keep my students attention.