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Again I've found myself thinking back to lessons I've had in learning Spanish and French. A lot of the time the vocabulary I learned seemed useless or frivolous at the time, but later I found myself remembering other things from the same lesson because of those more impractical words, or actually needing to use them instead! It's a good lesson in that when learning a new language, yes you will of course use some words more than others, but the less frequently used words are important, too.This unit had served as a refresher course. Again, as in previous units, I had forgotten the technical terms such as past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I use each form of the past tense without any thought as to why- just how did I know to use past perfect versus past perfect continuous? And it is for this reason, among others, why I think a teaching course such as this is necessary- it is one thing to speak the language..but just how do you teach it?