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In this lesson I learned how to teach students speaking and writing skills, which are the 2 biggest weaknesses among Asian students. Asian students are good at reading and listening in English but never get to speak in English with right guide so that Asian students tend to get nervous and reluctant to express themselves in a foreign language. It's good to learn the teaching procedure, they will be very helpful in teaching speaking skills. I want to encourage my students to have more creative writing and have Good intrusion before they write.Unit 14 was about coursework and lesson materials. I learned that there are authentic materials such as newspaper articles or magazine clips. I think these are important to have in your lessons because authentic materials also give information about the culture. Created materials are also important because they can be activities or other learning materials. Even though textbooks are important, I think it is important to have authentic and created materials in your lesson plan so that your students have a wide variety of stimuli to learn from.