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This unit discussed many different topics. Bu overall, it examined some of the foundations of teaching a foreign language. This unit focused on teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions of a new language. With each topic that was introduced, examples were provided of how, when, and what to teach. This unit used the ESA lesson structure to help demonstrate how these topics should be taught. Within each example lesson, there were many tips and activities for potential lessons. This unit is a very useful resource for lesson planning.This unit is essential for the teacher who is starting to teach or for those who can improve their teaching method. Some young teachers may not even have a teaching method. This unit, therefore, demonstrates all the didactic that the teacher can apply in the classroom and how these methods work effectively in learning. Teachers who teach without knowing how their method will affect their students will be more likely to fail to teach the language. They wouldn't know how to improve themselves and they wouldn't know if the students are learning.