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This has been a very useful review of the modal verbs (can, could, would, must, may, should etc.), and I especially appreciated the table which made it all even more clear. Passive voice can be a tricky topic for the students, so the table and teaching tips are very useful. Everything seemed clear with the relative (defining and non-defining) clauses, yet I had some difficulties with the phrasal verbs and their differences, that seemed a bit complicated due to the grammar aspects (verbs, object, preposition, noun) to take into consideration.Clearly, since there are 7 tenses possible when communicating about the future, understanding usage is a bit harder. As instructed, I am trying to focus on the structure of the sentence, yet I still feel a bit confused in some cases. I think that my answers to the above test questions are correct, yet once I finish typing this overview I feel the need to go back and check my answers again. Having said that, I do feel that my ability to analyze what is happening with tenses has improved, especially given that this is the third time around.