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This Unit briefly describes the 12 tenses in the English Language. The past, present & future tense each have simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous forms. Each of the 12 tenses can be expressed as a question, a negative or in an affirmative manner. The unit then elaborates on the 4 forms of present tense, here is an example of each: Present Simple: I dance Present Continuous: I am dancing Present Perfect: I have danced (thus using a past participle 'danced') Present Perfect Continuous: I have been dancingI tried a lot, but was unable to understand the phonemic symbols and their interpretation.The itt should have provided some examples before testing us on it.I tried to read the unit over and over again but was unable to understand the phonemic symbols and their proper usages.Please take these recommendations into consideration.There should have been a video for this unit so proper pronunciation would have been clear to us. although,I have learnt how to articulate words and make proper use of our vocal chords and tongue.