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This unit was extremely helpful in teaching me how to organize a lesson plan. I learned how to allocate enough time to each phase of ESA. I also learned the important functions of lesson planning. A lesson plan should be simple, with anticipated time for each activity, flexible and open to adaptation. In addition, I learned how to be organized with my materials as well as the lesson plan. Furthermore, I learned what I need to put in a lesson plan, such as language point, teaching aids, procedure, phase, timing, class level, and teacher?s and observer?s names.This unit focused on vocabulary, grammar, and functions. When teaching vocabulary, the teacher should be aware of receptive vocabulary and productive vocabulary. There are certain things to pay attention to when you are selecting vocabulary and vocabulary difficulty. The same is true for introducing grammatical structures and teaching language functions. The unit gave examples for each using either the straight arrow ESA structure, the boomerang ESA structure, or the patchwork structure. I now have some lesson examples of each as applied to vocabulary and grammar.