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This unit is about classroom management. It helps to understand how to manage a class to maintain discipline in a friendly and relaxed way. Mostly you need to be flexible and understand which role to use in particular situation. I was mostly interested in how changing position of a teacher can affect classroom. Teacher should change position depending on the activity. For instance when you are giving instructions you should stand to be more dominant. On the other hand, when students are reading, teacher should sit down.Unit eight has been perhaps the most enlightening grammar lesson for me so far. This lesson covers all future tense forms and usages. I found the explanations of each tense's usages to be especially beneficial. As a native speaker of English, I had never been consciously aware before how present tenses can be used for expressing future events. I anticipate that teaching the future tense will be difficult, but I look forward to applying what I have learned through a number of the chapter's suggested classroom activities.