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In this unit I have learned that students can be easily confused with the usage of the future tenses. But by having clues such as shall/will can help you to remember that it is future simple tense. Adding will-be-verb-ing to a sentence makes it future continuous. A future perfect sentence will always have 9( will-have-past participle ) in it, for example, (By the end of May, I will have completed this course ). For future perfect continuous you can use ( will-have-been- verb-ing. For example,( By the time you get here, I`ll have been studying for two hours. Present simple form is used for timetables and schedules, for example, ( The bus at platform 2 is leaving at 12:00 p.m. Knowing which future tenses go where in a sentence will help in forming a correct sentence structure, and by remembering a few simple clues will make it so much easier.