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My reflection on this unit will be harsh so fair warning. This is ridicules!!! I have taught in language schools and now in an international school. I have NEVER needed this much information to teach pronunciation! This is for a speech therapist! I know because my best friend is a speech pathologist. I repeat, this was ridicules and I don't care what my score is on this test. I didn't even put an effort in for the last 3 questions. WAIST of my time!! Concentrate on teaching people how to be good teachers...patience, organization, and grammar knowledge.This unit was very helpful in creating a base knowledge of how to manage a classroom. This unit provides good common sense advice on how to organize seating, establish a rapport and when and how to move between the various roles a teacher must play in the classroom. In this unit I learned about the pros and cons of individual, pair, group work and eliciting responses from the class as a whole. It helped to build on information learned from previous units and assisted in creating a mental picture of how one might create a lesson plan and structure a classroom.