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A.T. – U.K. said:
Unit 17 introduces teaching aids and their effective use in the classroom. Teaching aids are meant to enhance the learning objectives and enforce the lesson plan. They are usually more interesting and engaging than the textbook. Depending on the school, the teacher may have the following aids available: white/blackboard, IWB (interactive whiteboard), overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets, cassette recorder, CD player, videos and DVDs, video camera, dictionaries, course books, resource books, photocopier, computers, and online resources. Eacht teaching aid comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Their use and effectiveness should depend on the lesson and desired learning objectives. For example, if it is a heavy grammar lesson, worksheets would be more effective than a video or DVD. The student is able to practice and visually see the grammar exercise than watching a video and trying to understand what is being said. With the amount of teaching aids available, the teacher should be able to make each lesson interesting and interactive.