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This unit goes over the different variations of the future tense. It goes over the basic kinds (that match up with the same variety of past and present tenses) as well as the present simple, present continuous, and \"be going\" varieties. This unit helped me better understand the intentions behind different kinds of future tense structures. For example, it's particularly difficult to explain that the present tense can be applied to the future, but this unit helps give the precise reasons for doing this.Unit 4 deals with teaching vocabulary, structure, grammar and language functions such as inviting, agreeing, and disagreeing, while giving an ESA example for each of these issues, depending on the task and the learning level of the student. I have learnt how to select a set of vocabulary to teach students in a particular class, and how to engage and subsequently activate students to learn them. Similarly, this unit has given me a deep insight on how to introduce a new grammar or language function topic.