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This unit reflects on the various methodologies used to teach English to foreign language learners. Although traditional methods of grammar translation, audio-lingual presentation, practice and production, task-based learning, community-language learning, the silent way,suggestopaedia, the lexical approach,etcetera have been used for a long time, a combination of these methods is preferable. Engage, Study and Activate seems to be the preferred method with the greatest amount of success.In this unit, the various forms of the future tense were covered: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the \"be going to\", the present simple, and the present continuous. I must agree that out of all tenses, the future tenses are the most easily confused with one another and the differences between them seem subtle. This unit also covered common errors that are made with the future tenses and various activate stage teaching ideas.