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When compared to the present tenses, it is easier to utilize the past tense because the perfect and perfect continuous are not used as much. As a native speaker past simple and past continuous tenses are used much more frequently. Though this unit didn't teach me a lot of ?new? information it did provide me some teaching ideas for younger and older students. Examples of these ideas are: -Creating a CV/Resume and acting out a mock interview (older students) -Pictures with actions: have the students describe the action in the pictures in the past tense (younger)This outlines the fundamentals of lesson planning, which actually takes a lot of factors into account. Not only must the teacher set clear goals for the students, but also for the teacher as well. The lesson must be goal-oriented, but flexible enough to allow for adjustments during class time. Also, the teacher must always seek improvement, which is why I think the teacher self-evaluation form is quite helpful. It allows for constant growth on the part of the teacher, which reinforces the idea that a teacher can always improve the class experience for the students.