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Placement tests are useful for ensuring students are in a class that will contain lessons well suited for their specific language level at start of the course. Diagnostic tests are similar to placement tests, but more in detail. The results of diagnostic tests can be used by teachers to create lesson plans based on what the students current knowledge, and abilities. Progress tests should be used periodically throughout the course, as they help students and teachers alike to track how well students are retaining their English language skills.In Unit 13: Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology, I learned the helpfulness of spending time practicing with the students the pronunciation of words in English. There are a host of intricacies and that can be explained to aid in understanding of English words, but if the students have a basic knowledge of the Phonetic Alphabet, they will be able to sound words out. Some ways of practicing pronunciation and intonation are: using nonsense words to form a sentence, mouthing words for the students to follow, or saying tongue twisters together.