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S.W. - Philippines said:
If a teacher successfully creates a suitable and effective lesson plan, then he has guaranteed an effective lesson, by at least 60 percent. This unit attempts to teach the teacher how to sort out relevant materials needed for a particular BE lesson, the possible sources of these material, using the materials available to create a relevant lesson plan following the ESA methodology while taking into consideration the number and level(s)of students in class and the applicability of the plan. Do I need to mention the various types of materials mentioned in the unit, the classification into authentic and non-authentic and the merits of working with a carefully selected authentic material as far as teaching BE is concerned? Practical illustrations of the use of materials selected by the teacher and the use in creating a suitable lesson plan with said objectives have broaden my understanding of how to go about in search of materials and using them to build up a relevant lesson plan. Learning of websites from where I could obtain relevant materials for BE makes me feel equipped for teaching BE.