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This unit is a highly useful one. It gives inputs on how a teacher can plan a lesson to include all the learning stages of Engage, study and activate. It gives examples of how a lesson can be planned perfectly. It talks about the various elements that go into a lesson plan and why a lesson is important for a teacher. It acts as a document for future reference. The unit drives home the point that planning a lesson and recording the plan systematically is very important for a teacher. The lesson plan acts as a tool to evaluate ones own efficiency in meeting the objectives of the lesson.The most important aspect when teaching a new group is to establish a good rapport with the students. In order to do that the teacher shouldn't use the course book during the first lesson, it is more important to find out about students, their needs, aspirations and english levels. In case of different levels of english the teacher can decide to pair stronger students with weaker ones. If he is dealing with large classes, it is better to use worksheets, group works and choral repetitions. To conclude, the teacher has to understand what type of activity is more suitable for his class.