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We covered a lot of detailed content on the specifics of managing a class. I can't say that I'd ever given much thought to the effect of the teacher's position had on the students, or the specifics of dealing with problem behavior, so this was interesting to say the least. It was in a lot of ways, very cerebral, and I think I'm going to have to consistently review it in order to keep some of the lengthier guidelines (specifically the pros and cons of seating) in my mind.Unit 8 discusses about future tense with its usages and forms. it also provides concepts about different types of tense used to express future actions and happenings. some of the tenses are: future simple tense, future continuous tense,future perfect tense, future perfect continuous tense, simple present and going to future. It enables English teachers to identify particularly the form and usages of each tense based on the situation when the action happen and the timing.