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The topic is too complicated for the beginners, teacher or students aside. Although it has the kind of excitement to go on especially on the phonetic script. Its quite confusing and interesting at the same time. Teaching this kind of topic needs a lot of attention especially to the students. They might get excited at first but will made them confused in the end. Teachers role is to me this topic as simple as possible for the learners of every levels understanding. Like wise should emphasize the basics of pronunciation and phonology for general understanding.An English teaching aunt of mine said \"no, there are three tenses and each has four forms\". Different perspective! I watched the video on this one because I remember nothing from my grammar lessons and was stuck. I was reminded (!) that present simple is the most common tense because it is used to talk about \"things in general\". I learned that it is important to use simple language with students and give them exercises which require them to use the language being learned; that it is important to have lessons that require conversation to promote fluency.