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I found the part about the types of clauses to useful, and a good review of terms and rules I had forgotten about. The part in the lesson where it talks about grouped sentences has a weird kind of formatting that puts the answers before the question. I found this a little distracting. Finally, I know it was meant to be an overview only, but the last section on phrasal verbs could have been explained better? Not quite sure how...maybe more examples? I will have to revisit that topic.Creating a lesson plan serves more than one purpose. It helps solidifying a goal a teacher wants to meet, it serves as a guideline for lessons, and it acts as a record to see where the class left off from the last session. Prior reading this unit, I was only aware that lesson plans served as a guideline as to what should be taught in class. I learned that after each lesson, a good teacher will monitor his/her performance in order to see what goals were achieved and what was lacking.