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This unit dealt with the present tenses and the different usages of each one as well as some of the common errors associated with using the tenses for L2 learners. Tense is another area of language that the native speaker seldom thinks about as we have learnt these things and can usually discern the tense of the sentence by the types of words used.This is not necessarily true for all L2 speakers as their languages may not share tenses with English. We take for granted our tenses and that we understand them inherently as they are challenging for both students and returning teachers.Past Tenses is not too different from the present tenses, except that the past tenses relates to past time periods. There are some similarities in its usage and form emerging. It also has four aspects; Past Simple, Past Perfect, Past Continuous and Past Perfect Continuous. As a teacher, you must have a thorough understanding on the usages of the four aspects of past tenses. There are verbs that are regular and irregular in simple past form. There are no rules to how irregular verbs are formed so it is up to the teacher to help the students understand and know these irregular verbs.