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It takes me a lot of time to go through the whole video because I take notes while observing. I guess the teacher didn't make a lesson plan in the first video, which makes everything so ridiculous. Indeed, that's the siginificance of making a lesson plan ahead: to make the lesson well designed and constructed. Furthermore, a smile can change the world, which indicates how the gestures work. From my point of view, I have some advice for the second demo that the teacher ask the question before student's name, which makes students more focused.Unit two is a refresher of sorts, bringing back all the terminology associated with the basic parts of speech, sentence structure, and grammar many native speakers of English take for granted. These items I fear may be considered \"simple\" or \"easy\", but are the foundation for learning proper grammar and must not be forgotten! Considering our goal is teach English to others, a great deal of focus and strategy must be employed to ensure future students receive a proper understanding of these elements so they can thrive as English learners.