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This unit covers the remainder of essential basic grammar for this course, which are modals, phrasal verbs, relative clauses and passive voice. These topics were more relevant to intermediate to advanced students, some of which I've already had to study and teach prior to this lesson. These topics emphasize however, the nuance of English and makes the language more complex by moving past tenses to certainty, politeness and obligation etc. I found the unit useful because of the straightforward guidelines/rules which I'm sure will further help me in future lessons.This unit is an eye opener as to what I would need to prepare for different groups of students, from children to students to adult learners. For young children, alot of the lesson planning needs to go into what would be fun and what children would like to do. For the students and adult learners, the lesson would be more focused and catered to their needs. This unit is very helpful because it provides a needs analysis sheet which I can use for my adult learners. There are important dos and don'ts for lesson plans and what to expect from different learner age groups.