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Knowing what to teach and when is very important when presenting new materials to students. Grammar can be a very difficult concept and it's necessary to plan which parts will be taught with which vocabulary. Activities are also vital to help students learn and cement the new words and their meanings and uses. This unit helped to refresh me on the Engage-Study-Activate steps and the task sheet was very great for me to think of my own examples through these steps and potential methods of teaching.Overview: Learning future tense. Comment: This section was also easy as well as past and present tense. In Japanese education system, we learn a lot about English grammars. What the problem is that most of the time in teaching English in Japanese school is dedicated to teaching grammars and a bit of reading. As a result. we, Japanese do not sufficiently practice listening, speaking or writing. I think these should be changed so that Japanese people can obtain effective English communication skills.