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This unit was about the different forms of past tense that is used in the English language. The different forms talked about in this unit are simple past, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. This unit also talks about how there isn't really a good way to teach student irregular verbs. I have found that putting up a poster in my classroom with all the irregular verbs has helped my student spot them and now how to change them. Overall this unit was a good refresher about the different ways we use past tense in English.Overall the content of this unit looked at various equipment and teaching aids that teachers can use in the classroom to help make their lesson more efficient and effective. I learnt about many different types of resources that can be used in the classroom. Some of them consisted of computer, white/blackboard, dictionaries, CD player, visual aids and online resources just to list a few. For each of them, I learnt their usages in the classroom with advantages and also the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to using resources in the classroom.