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Unit 10 shows video of 2 grammar lessons. On the first video students have some difficulty with understanding the point of the class, they find the lesson difficult first of all because of teacher?s attitude which doesn't seem friendly. Lesson structure isn't clear as well. While watching first lesson I felt really bad for students while second video had totally different atmosphere even though teacher, topic and students were same. That giver quite clear picture of how teacher?s attitude and teaching style can affect the progress of the lesson and student's understanding.This lesson demonstrated two different ways of a lesson plan being taught, one effective, one not very effective. It showed the differences between student participation based on how the teacher's attitude is. I learned it is very important to be engaging, maintain a good energy level, and make the lesson fun and entertaining. The level of participation from the students is directly correlated with their understanding of the concept being taught. It is important to make sure they feel like they can participate, this way they feel confident in their understanding of the lesson.