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In this unit, I learned information on grammatical points such as modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The modal auxiliary verbs include: can, could, would, should, may, might, shall, must, ought to, etc. obligation, possibility, probability, permission, ability, and advice. These auxiliaries can change the meaning and formality of a sentence, as when one asks, ?May I use the bathroom,? rather than, ?Can I use the bathroom.? When using the passive voice, the focus is shifted away from the agent of an action, as in the sentence, ?This house was built in 1942.?Unit 20 illustrates the common problems teachers face in different types of classes and students. It further provides solution to these problems. Basing on my own experience, having a large group with different English level is the most difficult. Strong students tend to dominate the class which make the weaker ones have less time to express. Instinctively, I help weaker ones more by giving them more time than the stronger ones; however, after reading this unit, I have learned that there are many ways how to get weak and shy students to talk without neglecting the strong ones.