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Unit 14 talks about the different types of teaching materials, and how to use them effectively, adjusting and adding the content if necessary in order to meet the the learning goals of different types of student groups. Unit 14 provides useful advices as well helpful set of sources for creating teachers' own materials for supporting the course book materials, or authentic materials. I learned the importance of teacher's own creativity when it comes to using course books, as using a course book might have its own disadvantages.This unit explains two other grammar points that teachers need to be familiar with in order to teach English language learners. It covers the subject of modal auxiliary verbs, including their usages, ideas for presenting them in the classroom and some difficulties that they can cause for both students and teachers. It also covers the passive voice, including its comparison to the active voice, its usages and a selection of teaching ideas that can be used to practice a student?s understanding of the subject in the classroom.