TESOL Mira Bhayandar

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C.C. – U.S. said:
Reading and listening are called receptive skills because they deal with receiving information in a language. Both are important. If you don't listen to speech, you can't reproduce it properly, and if you don't read words you can't write them properly. Comprehension is also important. One can employ a number of specialist skills in this endeavor. Predicting, scanning, skimming, detailed listening, and deductive listening or reading. All of these allow a receptive person to acquire information within the item or infer details from it. Texts used for lessons can be authentic or inauthentic depending on the aim of the teacher. Inauthentic text can help a student build understanding and vocabulary while authentic text can build confidence in budding abilities. By all means, a teacher must build anticipation and interest in students so as to engage them. This can be done in part by covering a variety of topics and interests over time to interest all the learners. Even topics that little interest some can be presented in a way that makes learning engaging and fun.