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Unit 16: Conditionals & Reported Speech -Zero Conditionals ;If/when+present simple+present simple ( These are: Scientif Facts, general truths,issues that is certain to happen ) -First Conditional: If+present simple+will or modal vers like; might,can should,may,must..( These are: Results of possible futures situations, promise,threat or warning,back-up plan ) -Second Conditional: If +past simple+would/could/might+base form ( Usage: Dreams,fantasies,hypothetical / if i were you,i wouldnt do that) - Third Canditional: If+past perfect+would /could/might+have+past paticipate ( These are Regrets,excuses / if i had practised the violin,i would have been better) -Mixed : Present results of an imaginarysituation in the past ( EX: if i had passed the exam , i would be an engineer ) Also : Reported&Diret speech,time changes