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The four present tenses are as follows; the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The present simple tense is formed using subject + base form, i.e.; I work. Present continuous tense is formed using the present simple tense of the auxillary verb 'to be' and the present participle of the main verb, i.e.; I am learning. Present perfect is formed using the auxillary verb 'to have' and the past participle of the main verb, i.e.; I have written. Present perfect continuous is formed using auxillary verb 'to have' + 'been' and gerund of main verb, i.e.; I have been dancing. Each of the tenses can be expressed in affirmative, negative, or question forms. I found this unit helpful and informative, and now have a better understanding, as well as appreciation for the tense system.