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This unit helped me understand that students are people too and they learn and act differently in the classroom, so I must be prepared to address everyone's issues. This section discussed the most effective ways to convey information using classroom tools, like boards and desks, and how to assure that students are learning properly in a comfortable physical and social position. I enjoyed the segments about handling problem students, as well as the one about how to organize groups in ways that can make more quiet students still shine.This lesson was as enjoyable as the receptive skills lesson because the material is layer out cohesively. The guidelines are so clear that lesson plan task was not painful. The teaching steps are so clear that it will ensure the teacher is comfortable delivering the material and what the expected outcomes should be. I appreciated the reference to the resources found in unit 1. Personally I love teaching with games. I find them to be fun for the students, a good way of learning/reinforcing information in a non threatening setting.