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I found this to be a very difficult lesson and I wish that the unit incorporated more examples for each of the Phrasal Verbs. I didn't find the elements for teaching and the examples to be very clear. That being said, I think using worksheets and studying this particular area of grammar is very important for foreign students as they are not easily translatable into other languages and are very specific to the English language. Strict studying and Practice is definitely the best way to tackle this subject.What I've learned from Unit 10 was how to teach a class the proper way. In regards to video lesson 1, I could picture myself sitting in that class. I would be lost because the teacher didn't explain his instructions well. Teacher was talking too fast and assumed that everyone understands the lesson and said it was easy. In video 2, there was positive energy flowing through that class. Got everyone involved in speaking. He also gave teacher examples. He made a sentence and the students were able to do so.