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As an english teacher in a public school in China class size is always a big problem to me , plus culture influence most of the students are really reluctant in the class some of the is because of confidence issues while some of them are simply don't like taking english course but they have no choice since they must do it, playing some games and avoiding them from using their mother tongue language is just part of the problem i have been facing but thanks to this unit at least now i know how to deal with some issues and have some fun activities in the classroomThis unit talks about the different skills of language. There are two types of skills receptive skills which is - reading and listening and the other is productive skills- which is speaking and writing. All the skills are equally important to be proficient in language. The different skills are learnt at different phase in learning a language. We always learn a language 1st by listening. The more we listen to a language the more we are able to speak. We then start speaking the language.Once we are well versed with speaking then we are able to read and finally write.