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In this Unit 19, I learned the basic methodologies to teach the students from the business community to the beginner young learners. It gives me the idea, how to teach English to the beginners which have five groups like, the absolute beginner, the adult beginner, the false beginner, the young beginner and the beginners without Roman alphabets. There is a different methodology to teach each category of the beginner. I learned the very important technique to deal with the different students, most importantly the Dos and Don?t?s.Teachers plan their lessons because it helps them to stay organized during a class. Additionally, planned lessons can help teachers evaluate their performance during a class. Another benefit of planning lessons is the ability to manage time throughout a lesson. Teachers can actively track whether they are teaching students and following an appropriate ESA-style lesson. They can also monitor the level of S-S interaction and student talk time during a class. Having a planned lesson lessens the chance for a teacher dominating the class.