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Phrasel verbs are confusing and I do think we should be scared. I didn't find the instruction or the description of these verbs very helpful in this lesson. I think more explanation and examples would have helped me understand this more. The passive voice format chart was very helpful. It was also interesting to learn about the strength of words and the idea of teaching words that are most polite or most direct in other cases. I think the Spanish language one knows they are being polite by the tense but in the English language it does seem not nearly as obvious.In this unit common problem situations are covered and how to deal with them. Difficulties may arise in first lessons, choosing the correct warmers, having students of varying levels, in large classes and having students revert to their native tongue. Further problem areas may include reluctant students and difficulties with listening texts. I learnt that when dealing with reluctant students pair work, controlled practice and role plays may help lessen their reluctance. In large classes choral repetition, using worksheets and appointing group leaders is effective.