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This unit covered the advantages, disadvantages, and the best use of course books. It also provided a number of sample created materials that may be used to replace or supplement course books. I learned that the use of course books may be required or may be an option for the teacher and that sole reliance on the course book is not recommended. Materials created by the teachers is essential to providing appropriate relevance to the class level and culture as well as sustaining the interest of students.This unit discusses how a teacher should properly lesson plan and how to successfully carry one out in class. A lesson plan should be simple, flexible, and an outline of the intended goal, open to adapting to the class. Before kicking off the lesson, a teacher should practice the plan, make sure the equipment works, make sure the class is in ideal conditions, and be ready to chat to students upon entering. It takes into consideration learner objectives, personal aims, procedure, timing, class level, etc.