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This unit is an introduction of what will be covered in the teaching business course. It's goal is to give the student the opportunity to study ideas and methodologies to teaching business English. This unit reviews the skills participants should be able to do at the end of the course. Skills such as the terminology used in business English teaching, how to create or find teaching material, understanding the role of a business English teacher, awareness of opportunities for further professional development, and ideas of individual lessons.Once again it seems as if actually HEARING the modal or phrasal verbs and the passive voice in natural or simulated conversation will be much more effective in helping ESL learners pick up what is the correct and incorrect usage of each. The rules governing these are SO complex and confusing that even native speakers will have difficulty articulating WHY a sentence is correct but will have no problem actually SAYING the correct sentence, This is something that is best ABSORBED by learners through repeated exposure to these speech patterns.