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This lesson taught methods for choosing course materials for a class. The first section of the lesson had to do with authentic materials (such as newspapers, tv shows, or songs) and how they can be applied to teach students. These materials are more flexible than coursebooks, but more difficult to create and apply than normal coursebooks. The second section of the unit addressed the benefits and usages of coursebooks. Coursebooks, while clear and general, are not as effective for being individually tailored to students.Reported Speech has always been an area of confusion but one of the most interesting unit. This unit has made me learn different confitionals and teaching ideas and activities to keep the students actibe and make them understand like the example of Nuclear bunker Role play. Also a direct table of changing the tenses has simplified my understanding . And lastly time expressions is one area where most students happen to commit mistakes. So overall this unit was of great help as students learn reported speech from Primary.