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This was quite a packed unit, it began with looking at the methods of teaching, such as PPP or Task Based Learning, I was familiar with these already from previous study but it was good revision and I had not previously heard of Suggestopaedia. Then we moved on to engage, study, activate. It was familiar also but the great amount of examples was definitely very useful to consider for future lesson plans. Then we moved on to giving feedback, which is important, I learnt the difference between mistakes and errors and how to best treat these.In this unit, I learned about the future tenses. The unit presented the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future continuous tense, as well as 'going to' future tense and ways to talk about the future in present simple and present continuous tense. Each of these tenses was explained by providing their form, usages and typical student errors/mistakes. I found it particularly helpful to learn about teaching ideas for each of the tenses because as a difficult aspect of a language, tenses should be taught in interesting ways.