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C.O. - Korea said:
Lesson plans have 3 important functions which are an aid to planning; a working document,and a record.Lesson plans should keep simple, not to script the lesson, have structures and maintain the same structure,have the anticipated time for each activity in margin, have a balanced skills ( to make sure activities fit together to provide the lesson a smooth flow), and keep flexible & open to adaptation. There are numbers of things teachers should prepare before the lesson:check that we have a lesson plan; run through the plan and make sure we have the materials and aids needed; check if the equipment works; layout materials and aids so that they are easy to locate; arrange the seat as desired; make sure the board is clean; be ready to welcome the students and chat with time when they arrive. A Lesson plan should include: learner objectives, personal aims, language points,teaching aids, anticipated problems, procedures, phase, timing, interaction, class level, number of students, date & time, teacher's/ observer's names. A good teacher should monitor her/ his own class so that we can improve our class and make our classes as enjoyable as possible.